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MÞìÿËilw WU Ki

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Download Font
Microsoft Windows

Download:Boishakhi(134 KB)

Installation Instruction:
1. Download the Font and Save any Location of your computer
2. Copy the font file .
a. Select the file and Press Ctrl+C, or
b. Select the file and click 'Copy' icon, or
c. Select the file and from 'Edit' menu choose 'Copy'.
3. Paste the file in Control Panel's 'Fonts' folder. To do so, open 'Control Panel' from 'Start Menu' > 'Settings'. Open the 'Fonts' folder. Now to paste the file by any of the following ways:
a. Press Ctrl+V, or
b. Click 'Paste' icon
c. From 'Edit' menu choose 'Paste'.